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Japanese Wine (Domestic wine price quotation)
Conditions / hiroshima and Japanese Wine(0.19gal)
hiroshima Japanese Wine market price
Sep,2018(624 JPY)-162(JPY)-25.96%
Japan average(494 JPY)-31.87(JPY)-6.45%

New report on retail price of Japanese Wine in hiroshima

According to the Retail Japanese Wine Statistics Survey of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications statistics (announced on Nov 22,2018).

The retail price of one bag of Japanese Wine (0.19gal) in hiroshima is 462(JPY).

retail price of Japanese Wine 0.19gal in hiroshima is 462(JPY).

This is the Sep,2018 ratio -162(JPY) DOWN, the change rate is -25.96% and the price is DOWN, which is (It is 28 th highest price.) within the recording period (*1)

Japan average and compared to Japanese Wine retail price of hiroshima is 31.87 (JPY) low price retail price from Japan average.

The highest time in the recording period (* 1) is 、Sep,2018、Aug,2018、Jul,2018、Jun,2018、May,2018、Apr,2018、Mar,2018、Feb,2018、Jan,2018、Dec,2017、Nov,2017、Aug,2017、Jul,2017, per 0.19gal, 624 (JPY). Conversely, the cheapest period is 、Jun,2016、May,2016、Apr,2016、Mar,2016、Feb,2016、Jan,2016、Dec,2015、Nov,2015、Oct,2015、Sep,2015、Aug,2015、Jul,2015、Jun,2015、May,2015、Apr,2015、Mar,2015、Feb,2015、Jan,2015, 410 (JPY) per 0.19gal.

(*1) Includes retail price of hiroshima, period 2015年1月 to Oct,2018 Japanese Wine.

hiroshima price list of Japanese rice(New)

No Month City Price
1 Oct,2018 hiroshima 462 Oct,2018
2 Sep,2018 hiroshima Max624 Sep,2018
3 Aug,2018 hiroshima Max624 Aug,2018
4 Jul,2018 hiroshima Max624 Jul,2018
5 Jun,2018 hiroshima Max624 Jun,2018
6 May,2018 hiroshima Max624 May,2018
7 Apr,2018 hiroshima Max624 Apr,2018
8 Mar,2018 hiroshima Max624 Mar,2018
9 Feb,2018 hiroshima Max624 Feb,2018
10 Jan,2018 hiroshima Max624 Jan,2018
11 Dec,2017 hiroshima Max624 Dec,2017
12 Nov,2017 hiroshima Max624 Nov,2017
13 Oct,2017 hiroshima 619 Oct,2017
14 Sep,2017 hiroshima 613 Sep,2017
15 Aug,2017 hiroshima Max624 Aug,2017
16 Jul,2017 hiroshima Max624 Jul,2017
17 Jun,2017 hiroshima 595 Jun,2017
18 May,2017 hiroshima 595 May,2017
19 Apr,2017 hiroshima 595 Apr,2017
20 Mar,2017 hiroshima 595 Mar,2017
21 Feb,2017 hiroshima 595 Feb,2017
22 Jan,2017 hiroshima 595 Jan,2017
23 Dec,2016 hiroshima 595 Dec,2016
24 Nov,2016 hiroshima 595 Nov,2016
25 Oct,2016 hiroshima 595 Oct,2016
26 Sep,2016 hiroshima 595 Sep,2016
27 Aug,2016 hiroshima 595 Aug,2016
28 Jul,2016 hiroshima 595 Jul,2016
29 Jun,2016 hiroshima Min410 Jun,2016
30 May,2016 hiroshima Min410 May,2016
31 Apr,2016 hiroshima Min410 Apr,2016
32 Mar,2016 hiroshima Min410 Mar,2016
33 Feb,2016 hiroshima Min410 Feb,2016
34 Jan,2016 hiroshima Min410 Jan,2016
35 Dec,2015 hiroshima Min410 Dec,2015
36 Nov,2015 hiroshima Min410 Nov,2015
37 Oct,2015 hiroshima Min410 Oct,2015
38 Sep,2015 hiroshima Min410 Sep,2015
39 Aug,2015 hiroshima Min410 Aug,2015
40 Jul,2015 hiroshima Min410 Jul,2015
41 Jun,2015 hiroshima Min410 Jun,2015
42 May,2015 hiroshima Min410 May,2015
43 Apr,2015 hiroshima Min410 Apr,2015
44 Mar,2015 hiroshima Min410 Mar,2015
45 Feb,2015 hiroshima Min410 Feb,2015
46 Jan,2015 hiroshima Min410 Jan,2015